Woensdag, 03 April 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Although the Galaxy tab yet equipped with a single-core and is therefore, not like its two bigger brothers, who come sometime this year on the market run, with the Android operating system 3.0. However, the new Galaxy Tabs would be with 8.9 or 10.1 inch too big for me.
I was looking for a way to go traveling times to the Internet or watch one or the other video. Handiness was therefore important premise.
The Samsung i9000 is undoubtedly excellent but this principle also suitable, but just very tricky, since much smaller than the Galaxy Tab
The Galaxy Tab fulfilled my expectations completely. Videos are different, as it was partially maintained, liquid even at high resolutions. Surfing is also much faster by hand than with the smartphone. Lag or "Hakeleien" I have not noticed before.
That the camera can not compete with that of current smartphones, I do not mind, because that I have the i9000 always there for emergencies and the Camera tab of the Galaxy is always sufficient.
For me, the only slight criticism: you can not replace the battery. It seems, however, soon to be standard. In the iPhone 4 is also no such possibility.
It is quite a lot has been written on this tab, so I want to leave it with a concluding sentence:
The Galaxy Tab is for me the perfect solution to bridge the gap between smartphone and laptop.
5 stars! Source

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